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Persuasion Architecture - Waiting for Your Cat to Bark
Sunday, 8:30 - 9:30
Session Three

Bryan Eisenberg
Persuasion Architecture - Waiting for Your Cat to Bark
Bryan Eisenberg, principal and CIO of Future Now, Inc.; John Quarto-vonTivadar, CTO of FutureNow,

The processes used in the planning of persuasive Web sites come from the field of Persuasion Architecture. It is the organization of the buying and selling processes of a site married to its information flow. The focus is persuading visitors to take action. Persuasion Architecture contains many elements from information architecture, including proper design of organizational and navigational systems to aid people in managing information more successfully. Whereas the goal of information architecture is to inform and educate, a successful commercial Web site informs and persuades the customer.

By taking audience members through the Minerva Architectural Process (MAP) used in Persuasion Architecture, we'll show how to proceed from Uncovery, the discussion of business objectives and measures of success, all the way through Optimization, where testing, measuring and refining bring a clear Return on Investment (ROI) to design and development projects.
We will illustrate effective means of:
* Developing a wire frame for a persuasive website
* How 3 simple questions map out all the actions our visitors are to take
* How to persuade different Personas
* How to use keywords for search engine and "sales" success
* How to develop persuasive online copy
* How to energize an effective Storyboard phase
* Knowing when to freeze your prototype
* How to optimize your website using web analytics, your uncovery objectives and the persona scenario paths created during wire framing

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