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Managing Design Politics
Friday, full day session

Managing Design Politics
Janice Fraser and Lane Becker
Good design starts before the first pixel has been pushed. Successful designers have learned to manage their organizations and demonstrate the business value of usable design. This presentation will give you proven techniques to simplify internal politics, increase the resources available to you, and deliver your best designs. This tutorial will provide you with practical techniques for creating an effective user-centered organizational culture. You'll learn how to shift corporate mindsets from one in which the benefits of a user-centered development process are seen as intangible and long-term, as an abstract "nice to have", to a mindset in which user-focused customer experience is a vital, short-term process that can create immediate value. This session will teach attendees how to involve people from various areas of the organization who are invested in the site, get the benefit of their thinking and attain their instant support.
Incorporating techniques developed in the field, this full day tutorial will be split evenly between lecture (a step-by-step implementation process), group exercises, and Q&A to address specific attendee issues.

Eight Step Process for Taking Control of Your Site:

  • Stakeholder Research - Methods for interviewing a broad cross section of stakeholders within the organization in order to understand the needs and assumptions underlying the project at hand.

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  • Feature Prioritization - An effective, dispassionate method for determining, of all possible features, which ought to be done and which ought never be done, in order to focus discussion on those few things that actually require debate.

  • Internal Goal Alignment - Collaborative techniques for identifying points of divergent and convergent thinking, in order to find out where agreement lies.

  • Collaborative Design Sessions - An alternative to traditional individual design. A structured and managed way to involve others in the design process.

  • Finding and Delivering Quick Wins - Techniques for developing and deploying a small-scale project on your website with big-scale business impact that can then be promoted throughout your organization.

  • Creative Effective Deliverables - Better methods for distributing and promoting the deliverables you produce.

  • Documenting and Proving Your Success - How to decide which success metrics to track for your Web project, and which interpretation of them will be of most value to you and your team.

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