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Intermediate/Advanced Taxonomy and Metadata Design
Friday afternoon, 1/2 day seminar

Intermediate/Advanced Taxonomy and Metadata Design
Amy J. Warner, Ph.D.

As use of taxonomies and metadata are maturing on the web, people are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their understanding and use of these. This workshop is intended as a follow-on to the basic workshop, or as a workshop for those who have already built search vocabularies and navigation schemes and want to further hone their skills and knowledge.
We will cover the following in this workshop:

  • Content Analysis: We will cover the steps required in a content analysis and how it can potentially result in a complete metadata table, covering all aspects of content objects that are to be tagged, including those used for content management and workflow.

  • User Testing: Where user testing fits into metadata and taxonomy design both near the beginning and near the end of the development process.
    · Facet Analysis & Organization of Vocabularies: How to perform a facet analysis to divide a significant number of vocabulary terms into a set of basic categories, and how to identify good relationships between them.

  • Advanced Topics in Software and Management: How the software for automatic classification works and where you might want to use it, as well as thesaurus management packages and strategies for managing a dynamic vocabulary.
    This workshop will include a case study as a way to practically follow the entire process described above and give attendees practical examples to understand and follow.

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