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Information Architecture Leadership Seminar
Friday, full day session

Information Architecture Leadership Seminar
Intended audience - Advanced - intended for leaders at the organization and community level

This advanced, full-day seminar (sponsored by AIfIA) is designed for information architecture and user experience leaders who wish to engage the most important and intractable problems faced by the architects of today's information systems.
Since the format is highly interactive, involving group discussions and break-out sessions, attendance is limited to a maximum of 50 participants.
Five seminar leaders will focus, motivate and organize the group's activities around pressing topics. Scribes will be on hand to capture notes. The seminar will result in one or more published articles. Proceeds from the seminar will go to support AIfIA.
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Speakers & Topics

Peter Morville. "Strategy, Architecture and Tomorrow's Web."
We can't predict the future, but we shouldn't ignore it either. Information architecture practice is being buffeted and transformed by shifts in technology and the marketplace. By analyzing trends and exploring possible futures, we can make better decisions today. Features: scenario planning exercise (inspired by Global Business Network).

Victor Lombardi. "The (Unfulfilled) Promise of Content Management Systems."

What are the promises of CMS software and why haven't they been kept? Victor explores how we can integrate software, metadata and content to enable smarter publishing. Bring your own CMS challenges for the group to work through interactively.
Features: CMS war stories, semantic publishing technology, and a publishing process framework.

Rashmi Sinha Ph.D.. "Building Bridges Between Practice and Research."
Designing effective information architecture requires an understanding of user needs and mental models. Drawing from research in cognitive psychology and information science, Rashmi will discuss how to understand the user better and how to use this information to create better metadata schemes, search/browse interfaces and recommender systems.
Features: advanced card sorting, creating personas (hands-on).

Louis Rosenfeld & Karen McGrane. "Selling Information Architecture."
How can you convincingly communicate the value of information architecture to the right people at the right time? What flies and what flops? Lou and Karen challenge us to consider new models of selling IA within and beyond our organizations. Includes: role-playing exercise, special panel (sales successes and failures)

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