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Using Personas and Scenarios to Guide the Ford.Com Site Redesign
Saturday, 1:30 - 2:15
Session Two

Dai Pham
Using Personas and Scenarios to Guide the Ford.Com Site Redesign
Dai Pham, Razorfish, Inc.

This case study demonstrates how three well-defined shopping personas and scenarios were used to guide the second site redesign for, Ford Motor Company's corporate website. The key goal was to make the site more user-centered and to increase awareness of the company's products and services. Unique features of this case study are the extensive documentation behind the persona development and utilization process, so that the audience can see how personas are actually applied throughout the site development process. This includes persona development frameworks, mapping personas to site architecture in the prototype phase, and persona influence on content development and visual palette choice. In addition, this case study is valuable because it shows how personas can be quantitatively incorporated to define new site features and functionality while accounting for business objectives and organizational readiness. Lastly, the personas were mapped back to the client's key site metrics (Forrester experience metrics) and show how the personas support these metrics. Further prototype testing was conducted with users reflecting the three personas. Changing corporate goals midway through site development resulted in a final site redesign that differed from the initial persona guided redesign and the artifacts presented. However, the process still remains a valuable case study in how personas can help "make connections" across the different disciplines in website development and lead to more user-centered design.

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