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Content Analysis and Modeling for BCCI
Saturday, 5:00 - 5:20
Session Three

Margaret Hanley
Content Analysis and Modeling for BCCI
Margaret Hanley and Jennifer Rigby, BBC New Media, London

BBCi is the interactive arm of the BBC, creating content and applications for interactive TV and Internet for the British public, connecting users to each other using digital media. BBCi has started a comprehensive bottom-up analysis of its web sites as part of a content sharing project, aiming:
* To identify similar content areas across BBC, focusing on content development by experts within the BBC
* To identify and develop controlled vocabularies and standard content models for increased re-use of content
* To provide better contextual navigation
* To provide syndication opportunities

This case study focuses on the content modeling of the English Regions' "Where I Live" (WIL) sites that provide information to regional audiences( The WIL sites were chosen because the content is being transferred to a content management system, management wanted to increase the amount of content that is re-used across the sites, and to allow publishing to many platforms, from web to digital TV to handheld devices.

The aims of this process were to:
* Identify common content objects and existing controlled vocabularies
* Develop or license controlled vocabularies
* Provide specifications for the development of data models and XML schema

This case study will discuss the methods used in the content modelling, the deliverables like the library of content objects and controlled vocabularies, and the way the deliverables are used in the content management system to provide more flexibility for publishing across platforms.

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