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Designing a Usable Website for Wachovia Bank
Saturday, 1:30 - 2:15
Session One

Robert Stribley
Designing a Usable Website for Wachovia Bank
Robert Stribley and Kathleen Meter, Information Architects

Challenge: create a single intranet with a consistent user experience for two large,
merging banking companies with numerous, disparate legacy intranet sites. The new bank was faced first with combining three primary legacy intranet sites (one for each bank, plus an interim site) into a single usable intranet site. Subsequent usability studies of the site have returned favorable results, as users discover that more meaningful content can be found in a single environment.

The new site employs a content management system to enable decentralized publishing and allows all sites to be searchable. Authors can create content within templates, which maintain a consistent look and feel and navigational style. Now, we have begun phase two of our effort, which involves migrating the remaining smaller, often-unconnected legacy sites into the larger intranet structure. We've been challenged to migrate more than 140 of these sites into the new intranet by the end of 2003. We have a unique opportunity to create a usable intranet, so we plan to meet with each group individually to help them develop a site map defining their CMS architecture and to relate usability principles to the business units whenever possible. Since there are only two of us, we had to develop strategies for dealing efficiently with business owners to allow them a speedy entrance in the content management system where they can begin to build their sites.

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