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Tax Services Public Website in the Netherlands
Saturday, 2:00 - 2:30
Session Three

Sanne Peek
Tax Services Public Website in the Netherlands
Sanne Peek, Information Designer, Informaat, Baarn

The The Netherlands tax services' public website aims to help taxpayers fulfill their obligations. The slogan of the organization is: "We can't make it more fun, but we can make it easier". This public site seeks to answer 80% of the frequently asked questions within three mouse clicks.

Problem: The website needs a search functionality. This search functionality has to address the goal of answering 80% of the questions. It has to adjust to changes throughout the year in user types and types of questions asked. In addition, even inexperienced Internet users have to be able to search for content from every page in the website.

Solution: Precision over recall, using a 'smart' search algorithm. Search in FAQ's, which are collected from phone calls and site visits. Input from user logging for the regular change of principal user groups (individuals and businesses). List the ten most popular FAQ's and search terms based on user logging and push strategies. Use a thesaurus to match layman's terms with the exact tax terms.

Results: Adding a search engine improves the user experience, because this functionality was greatly missed by the users of the existing website (this came out of a user survey). Users of the website are still "forced" to visit the site (we can't make it more fun), but the 'burden' of paying taxes is reduced by an easy to use search (we can make it easier).

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