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Making Connections with Techies -- Panel
Sunday, 10:00 - 10:30
Session Two

Chris Farnum, Simon Wistow

Making Connections with Techies
Chris Farnum, Information Architect, ProQuest
Simon Wistow, a programmer for Yahoo!

Feel like you are going mad because you have heard once too often that "we can't do that?" Have you ever needed to prove the value of IA to a development team? The doctors are in! In this panel presentation, five seasoned information architects and one IA-friendly programmer share their war stories, successes, tips and tricks for making connections with technical types to build sites. Chris Farnum (ProQuest) will facilitate this discussion of common issues and questions IA's face when working with techies. The participants will include Kristen Truong (Covisint), Margaret Hanley (BBC), Jodi Bollaert(Compuware), and Dennis Schleicher (J. Walter Thompson). Karl Fast as alternate Other issues the group will tackle include:
* Improving communication and finding the common ground
* Negotiation on deliverables
* Overlapping roles between IA and techie when architecting data and content
* Technology issues IA's should know about
* The implementation gap - when they don't build it the way you designed it
* Working with techies who don't

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