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Content Modeling and Analysis
Saturday, 5:20 - 5:40
Session Three

Content Modeling and Analysis
Celia Romaniuk

EastEnders is an enormously popular, long-running soap opera set in the East End of London and produced by the BBC. It has an accompanying web site which is correspondingly popular and home to a dedicated, enthusiastic community of users. By 2002, however, the site was in great need of a redesign and a robust content management system.

This presentation focuses on the extensive bottom-up content modeling and analysis that was undertaken over the course of the project.The primary task was to prepare the site.s content for migration to a CMS, which involved describing and modeling the content.s attributes. To inform decisions about content, we considered both the structure and attributes of the content itself, and needs of users and content creators.One important goal was to give users views of the content that matched their level of interest in it. We studied how the audience approached the programme and identified with it, to ensure that the content we revealed matched their information needs. We also aimed to reduce the workload of the web site production team, whose existing system involved largely manual site production.

To inform our understanding of the content domain, we set out to understand the structure of the EastEnders world, which involved research into narrative structure and the semiotics of soap operas.Various potential interfaces were considered in the design (such as visual representations and conversational interfaces) to ensure that the underlying model was robust enough to allow for this flexibility.The audience will learn about content modeling methodologies, designing to surface storyline-based content and effective ways for to utilise emerging technologies such as RDF.

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