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Basic Metadata and Taxonomy Design
Friday morning, 1/2 day seminar

Basic Metadata and Taxonomy Design
Amy J. Warner, Ph.D.

As the web environment has become increasingly database-driven, metadata and taxonomies have played larger roles in the information architecture of a web site. In actual fact, practices and principles of taxonomy and metadata are central to both the navigation and the search functionalities of sites.
This workshop is intended for newcomers to the fields of metadata and taxonomy design. The workshop will focus on the following:

  • What are controlled vocabularies: In fact controlled vocabularies consist of simple pick lists, synonym rings, taxonomies and hierarchies, and thesauri. We will cover the basics of these different types of vocabularies and where you want to use them in your site.

  • Why Vocabulary Control: In some cases vocabulary control is useful and in some cases it isn't. We will cover the cases where it is useful, why it is useful, and how you can recognize these situations.

  • Controlled Vocabularies in Action: We will look at several good implementations of controlled vocabularies, take them apart, and discuss how they work.

  • Metadata Tables: We will cover basics of identifying aspects of content objects that you want to tag, and how to record these and major decisions about them in a metadata table.

  • Constructing a Controlled Vocabulary: We will discuss and work with the major relationships in a controlled vocabulary, how to identify them and the major steps in constructing a search vocabulary or navigation scheme.

  • Software and Controlled Vocabulary Management: Introduction to the basic categories and functionalities of management and automatic classification software

  • There will be two short exercises to introduce people to the reason for vocabulary control and a basic exercise on organizing terms.
    This workshop will present all topics at an introductory level. People who already know the basics should take the intermediate/advanced workshop.

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