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We Are All Connected: Architecture, Site Planning, Information Architecture, and People
Saturday, 10:30 - 11:15
Session One

Fu-Tien Chiou
We Are All Connected: Architecture, Site Planning, Information Architecture, and People
Fu-Tien Chiou, Information Architect, Genex

In architecture, people are the key element in the making of a place - a space with a distinct character and spirit. Similarly, the existence/presence of people is key to the making of a virtual place. Like the civic plazas and marketplaces of the physical environment, people need places in the virtual environment to gather and interact.

This presentation will begin with a brief overview of the history of architecture, site planning, and information design. The connections between traditional architecture, site planning and information architecture practices will be explored in the areas of
* Environment/context,
* Building/site types,
* Users,
* Design elements, and
* Design methodologies.

Various examples will be presented to demonstrate how information architecture relates to traditional architecture and site planning. Relevancy of research, both in traditional architecture and planning, and in information architecture, will be discussed.
Looking ahead, the importance of connecting various information sources, from physical to virtual, in order to facilitate a complete user experience will be addresses. Real life examples will be used to demonstrate how print magazine and web content compliment each other, as well as how web sites, kiosks, and B2B extranet are converged to drive home the business goals and to improve the user experience.

The audience will leave with an understanding of the well-defined, tried-and-tested practice of traditional architectural design and site planning, and how it can be applied to information architecture.

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