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IA as Conversation: It's Not Just What You Say but How You Say It
Sunday, 11:45 - 12:30
Session Two

George Olsen
IA as Conversation: It's Not Just What You Say but How You Say It
George Olsen, a co-founding editor of Boxes and Arrows, is principal of Interaction by Design

Information architects with a graphic design background may remember the dictum that; while art is about expression, design is about communication. Creating structure for the web takes things one step further, it's akin to conversation. Your work needs not only to speak to users, but you (and your work) also need to listen and respond.

This presentation looks at how the qualities that make for a good conversation can be applied to creating the structure for web sites and software. It's both what you say (information architecture and interaction design), and how you say it (user interface and visual/information design).
The audience will be able to take away a number of guidelines they can use to be better "conversationalists" in their work. They'll also gain an understanding of how IA/ID/UI tie into larger concerns of user experience and brand experience, including some examples of the real-world effects of good and bad "conversations."

The presentation is probably best-suited to less experienced practitioners, as well as those with an LIS background who are less familiar with the interactive aspects of "big IA."
Needless to say, the theme of conversation ties neatly into the overall theme of "Making Connections."

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