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The 3rd Annual Information Architecture Summit Sponsored by ASIS&T
2002 Summit: "Refining Our Craft"

Presentations are now online! More will be added as they become available.

Even though there are thousands of practicing information architects, there are few venues for them to meet and swap stories. "Refining our Craft" is the third in the ASIS&T-sponsored series of conferences that are the largest dedicated meeting places for information architecture professionals.

This edition balances practical applications and case studies of information architecture with the big picture thinking of some of the field's leading figures. This summit is an inclusive event, bringing together people from business and academia with a variety of perspectives that include information architecture, human-computer interaction, visual design, experience design, and usability testing. The three-day conference will feature a Keynote by Steve Krug, author of Don't Make Me Think, as well as talks from luminaries such as Peter Morville, Lou Rosenfeld, Jesse James Garrett and more!

This year's summit also adds three exciting preconference seminars by industry leading groups: Carbon IQ; Adaptive Path, and Semantic Studios.

As in past editions, audience participation is built into the meeting during the regular program and at after hour Birds of a Feather sessions. The early registration deadline is February 22.

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