"Refining our Craft"


The call is now closed.

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The 3rd Annual Information Architecture Summit sponsored by ASIST
Baltimore, Maryland
March 15-17, 2002


The Summit seeks proposals for

  • Case Studies
  • Presentations that demonstrate innovtive and effective information architecture practices; and
  • Posters

Case studies will demonstrate concrete information architecture solutions to challenging problems. Case Studies should address the theme (“Refining our Craft”) and provide the audience with specific output to take away. The ideal case studies will place special emphasis on explaining and demonstrating the useful methods, tools, and metrics that were used to address the problem at hand. The guidelines for case study submissions are:

  • Supply a description of no more than 150 words that is suitable for inclusion in the Summit's promotions (e.g., the Summit web site)
  • The description should concisely detail:
    • type of site (e.g., entertainment, portal, intranet)
    • problem addressed
    • solution applied (e.g., method, tool, metrics for evaluation)
  • If possible, include the candidate site's URL

The guidelines for presentations should follow a similar form but describe:

  • what core IA issue is addressed
  • what the audience will learn/take-away from the presentation
  • how the presentation will reflect the theme of 'refining our craft"

Complete guidelines for posters are located at http://www.asis.org/Conferences/IA2002/posters.html. The topic for posters is “clear thinking visualized.” How do you use diagramming to understand a problem? To communicate a solution? Now's your chance to trot out your killer deliverables, or scratchy scribbles that make your IA really work. We encourage work by students, developers and designers, work of a specialized nature, work concerning new features, design elements, methods or processes, controversial topics, and work in progress.

The submission deadline is November 30, 2001 for Case Students and Presentations.

Email your submission to rhill@asis.org with the subject line:
[your last name] Case Study Proposal
[Your last name] Presentation Proposal

The deadline for Poster proposals will be January 12 and Poster proposals should be sent to rhill@asis.org and posters@eleganthack.com with the subject line:
[your last name] Poster Proposal


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