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Information Architecture "Making Connections"
March 21-23 Portland, OR
Hilton Portland

Frequently Asked Questions

When are proposals due?
All proposals for presentations and panels are due December 2nd, Poster proposals are due January 15th.

What do you mean "about IA?"
You know, we wonder that too, sometimes. We are interested in both "Little IA" and "Big IA". Little IA concentrates on content organization and management, Big IA looks at structural design for the web including strategy and related disciplines such as interaction design and interface design.

This conference is "Making Connections" so if you feel you have a topic related to IA no matter how odd, please send it in! We are open to thinking both in and out of the box. Heck, we'll think without boxes, if that's what it takes!

Do I have to be a member to submit?
Well, we'd like you to consider it... but no. Come share your knowledge with us! All are welcome!


The 2003 summit on Information Architecture will explore the many elements that go into creating excellent information architecture, both from within the discipline and without.

The Summit seeks proposals for

  • Case Studies
  • Presentations that demonstrate innovative and effective
    information architecture practices
  • Posters

We are open to contributions from people with solid and relevant ideas, including areas that may be considered ancillary or outside of Information Architecture. If selected, we simply ask that you put in the time required to create a solid and professional presentation for the conference attendees. 

We encourage submissions by students, developers and designers, work of
a specialized nature, work concerning new features, design elements, methods or processes, controversial topics, and work in progress.  We are especially interested in receiving submissions from speakers in our field who have not presented at the summit in the past, including academics, professionals in related fields and information architects who have not yet had the opportunity to share their knowledge. We want to invigorate our conference with new thoughts. If you have a solid idea and proposal, but aren't an expert speaker, we can help.  Our planning committee has experienced authors and presenters who can give a hand in fine tuning your ideas and presentations.

How do you know if you have an idea worth pursuing?  Imagine that you traveled out to Portland to attend the conference and sat in on your presentation?  Would it hold your attention?  Would it give you new focus or insight that you could apply to your work?  Does it provide fresh perspective to what you think?  If so, great.  Go ahead and send along your proposal idea.  Don't be shy. . .

Case Studies
Case Studies will demonstrate concrete information architecture solutions to challenging problems. The ideal case studies will place special emphasis on explaining and demonstrating the useful methods, tools, and metrics that were used to address the problem at hand. The guidelines for case study submissions are:

Supply a description of around 250 words or less.  If selected, you will need to whittle that final description down to 150 words for inclusion in the Summit's promotions (e.g., the Summit web site).  The description should concisely detail: 

    a. type of site (e.g., entertainment, portal, intranet)
    b. problem addressed (successes and failures in the process)
    c. solution applied (e.g., method, tool, metrics for evaluation)
    d. measurable improvement to the site, either in terms of business metrics or user experience
    e. If possible, include the candidate site's URL and/or screen shots reflecting before and after versions of the site


The guidelines for presentations should follow a similar form but describe:

    a. what core IA related issues are addressed
    b. what the audience will learn/take-away from the presentation
    c. how the presentation will reflect the theme of "Making Connections"
    d. a brief bio including professional and speaking experience. 
    e. If a panel is proposed, who you plan to invite to speak with you.

 If you don't have speaking experience yet, a few short words on why you'd make a good speaker will do.

poster guidelines 
The topic for posters is "Inspired Innovation". 

The submission deadline is December 2, 2002. for Case Studies and Presentations.  Poster proposals are due January 15th, 2003.

Email your submission to  with
the subject line:
[your last name] Case Study Proposal
[Your last name] Presentation Proposal

No large attachments or presentations please.  If we require additional information, we will contact you directly and ask for it.

The deadline for Poster proposals will be January 15, 2003 and Poster
proposals should be sent to   with the subject line:
[your last name] Poster Proposal

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