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Michael Khoo, Jung-ran Park and Xia Lin

(Submission #97)


This poster describes the user-centered development of a tool to support non-specialists – specifically, student volunteers and interns with the Internet Public Library (IPL) – to engage in the creation and quality control of Dublin Core metadata records. Non-specialist metadata tools have in the past had mixed success. This is partly related to the efficacy with which these tools convey complex metadata concepts to non-specialists. The tool development for the IPL is therefore following a user-centered ‘interaction design’ that considers not just the functionality of the tool, but users’ needs. It includes requirements gathering and iterative prototyping to avoid ‘building in’ mistakes that can require much effort to address later on. The work has begun with the elicitation of design requirements from students in HCI and metadata classes at Drexel University and at iSchool consortium partners. The outcomes included usability reports, and data of users’ understanding of the task of metadata quality control. These data will support the development of a fully functional prototype that will be subject to further user testing. The accuracy and efficacy of the final tool will be assessed through (i) a review of the accuracy of a random sample of completed quality control forms, and (ii) a comparison of completed forms by different users to test for inter-user reliability.

The new IPL metadata tools will increase the quality of the library’s metadata, positively impact the search service, and directly benefit the IPL’s millions of global users. The research findings will be useful to other libraries involving users in their metadata work, and will have a direct relevance to the digital library and HCI research communities. The activities are integrated into courses taught at the Drexel iSchool, and so we will also report on the significant curriculum and pedagogical outcomes and implications of this research.


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