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Digital Media Internships: LIS Education 2.0

Tania Alekson, Maureen Bezanson, Adrienne Lai, Xuemei Li, Allan Cho, Luanne Freund, Simon Neame and Edie Rasmussen

(Submission #91)


In 2008, the new Irving K. Barber Learning Centre opened at the University of British Columbia, with the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (SLAIS)as an academic tenant. The one year Digital Media Intern Project was funded by a grant from UBC’s Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund to support four students in the SLAIS MLIS program to develop programs within the Learning Centre. The role of the four Digital Media Interns was to contribute to undergraduate learning outside the classroom, to obtain experience in project management and curriculum design, and to gain instructional skills and experience. They were charged with developing and delivering educational modules on Web 2.0 topics for UBC students. The Interns conducted an environmental scan to assess the audience, the need for specific topics and the appropriate delivery mechanisms. A series of workshops were developed, implemented and evaluated by the Interns. The project demonstrates the value of experiential learning in a Learning Commons environment, and the value of collaboration between an MLIS program and a Learning Commons. 

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