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Documenting and Researching the Performing Arts

Francesca Marini

(Submission #89)


This proposed poster addresses documentation of and research in the performing arts. The discussion is based on research conducted by the author in recent years and currently under way, and on other sources. The poster contains: a brief definition and explanation of performing arts; a section on how performing arts materials are created; a section on how the performing arts are documented, including a brief discussion of the work of performing arts information professionals; a brief discussion of the characteristics of information in the performing arts context; and a section on the use of performing arts materials for research purposes, with a specific focus on theatre scholars and their information behavior. The poster will include visuals, and images of materials taken from the archives of dancer and choreographer Judith Marcuse: the author is collaborating with her to re-organize and make available her archives. This poster addresses the topic of information created by or related to the performing arts, which is complex and dynamic. This topic is relevant to the overarching conference theme, and related to two of the suggested topics: “Information behavior in diverse contexts” and “Knowledge management in diverse contexts.”


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