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An Online Activity Diary Method for Studying Credibility Assessment on the Web

Yong-Mi Kim, Soo Young Rieh, Ji Yeon Yang and Beth St. Jean

(Submission #88)


In recent years people have increasingly moved beyond information searching and reading of online content in their use of the Web, engaging in diverse activities such as sharing photographs and videos, rating and reviewing products and services, and blogging about their interests and everyday life activities. One of the consequences of increasing user participation on the Web is that credibility assessment is now situated in diverse online activities and contexts. The individuals who are undertaking information activities to contribute and mediate online content deserve close attention from credibility researchers because they are influencing other users to a great extent as well as making the Web more a dynamic and interactive place. There is little research examining credibility assessment heuristics across the range of online activities on the Web. This study uses a Web-based information activity diary survey to collect data on a diverse range of Web activities from a random sample of 350 Michigan residents. This online activity diary survey collects data on specific online activities and credibility assessment related to these activities. The study methodology draws from two related methodologies, diary study method and experience sampling method (ESM). By collecting data multiple times per day on the behavior of frequent Web users, people’s credibility assessment is characterized across different contexts of online activity (work and everyday life) and different purposes (information seeking and content creation). One of the anticipated results is the construction of a typology of online activities and associated credibility assessment heuristics. This study is part of a research project funded by the MacArthur Foundation examining credibility assessment in the Web 2.0 context.


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