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Evaluating Health Information Literacy Training in Under-served Communities

Gabriel Peterson, Deborah Swain, LaShawn Wordlaw-Stinson and LaHoma Smith Romocki

(Submission #79)


The purpose of this study was to measure the effectiveness of a program intended to increase health information literacy among under-served populations. This research describes issues related to measuring how e-Health can be a tool for reducing health disparities in minority communities in a state in the US. This poster summarizes the data collected and provides an early analysis of the yearlong effort to evaluate the utility of a program to disseminate information about the resources available through the NLM's information portals. It is desirable to increase awareness of such resources because they are of high quality and repute, characteristics that do not always describe health information available on the Internet. Researchers with expertise in the fields of health statistics and health librarianship developed metrics to evaluate participant awareness of and proficiency with such resources. The project described took a multidisciplinary approach in developing, delivering, and evaluating health information resource education in under-served communities. Results indicate that the e-health training sessions met the required level of proficiency demanded by the National Library of Medicine and United Negro College Fund Special Programs Corporation. Furthermore, comparison of pre and post testing of participants indicates an increase in awareness of the availability as well as probable future use of such resources among participants.

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