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An Analysis of Usersí Image Queries of a Photojournalism Image Database: A Web Analytics Approach

Hsin-liang Chen, Thomas Kochtanek and C. Sean Burns

(Submission #59)


This project focuses on the assessment of metadata used by the online image collection of the Pictures of the Year International (POYi) in determining how well that descriptive information meets the needs of the target audience. The browseable and searchable POYi image collection is available on the open Web at The investigators address several key issues recommended by the Library of Congressís Future of Bibliographic Control report (2008). The issues include: testing the use of metadata elements for news photos on the Web; collaborating with end-users on organizing and accessing news photos; and collecting evidence to support system enhancement of the POYi testbed. The research questions of the projects are:

1. Do end users search or browse to find images?

2. What are most frequently used/least used metadata elements searched by users?

3. What are the common characteristics of search terms selected for use by end users?

4. What are most frequently used/least used open-access functions provided by POYi used by users? According to the preliminary results, the visitors during this twelve week period tended to browse the POYi collection rather than launch a specific search query. When conducting image searches, they mostly used the basic search function with single- and multiple-word queries. Advanced search functions were rarely used, representing .57% of searches compared to total visits. . Based on these preliminary results, the investigators intend to continue to collect additional data on end usersí searching behavior and their queries.

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