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Minimizing Cultural Differences using Ontology-based Multilingual and Multicultural Information Retrieval System

Myongho Yi

(Submission #40)


Most information retrieval systems are dependent on users entering terms and initiating a search; however, these terms may or may not match those in the system. In addition, individual differences make information searching ineffective and inefficient. Each individual has a unique conceptualization and uses different terms when he or she searches for information. Everyone uses different words (or, at least different symbols); therefore, everyone searches and interprets information differently. While cross-language information retrieval (CLIR) is mainly focused on linguistic aspects, this study attempts to show how user performance differs when the system provides both linguistic and cultural aspects of information. The poster will present our promising work that seeks to improve access to a movie database by transforming the information seeking behaviors of users into an information retrieval system that organizes multilingual and multicultural information based on ontological relationships.

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