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The Future of Reference and Information Services in a Virtual World

Denise Agosto, Eileen Abels, Lily Rozaklis and Craig MacDonald

(Submission #16)


Over the past few years, reference and information services have increasingly moved away from library reference desks and away from librariesí print collections out into the virtual world. This poster presents preliminary results from a study that is addressing two research questions related to the changing reference and information services environment: 1) How have reference and information services changed with the increasing influence of online information and electronic information environments? 2) What are the likely next developments in virtual reference and information services? Preliminary results indicate a shift away from the traditional linear reference process, in which the librarian is the information provider and the user is information receiver, to a more interactive, collaborative reference model, in which the reference librarian and the reference user both play the roles of information seeker, information receiver, and information creator.

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