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Image query reformulation over different search stages

JungWon Yoon and EunKyung Chung

(Submission #121)


Users are likely to re-formulate their initial queries as they are not satisfied with the initial search results for images. The purpose of this study is to investigate the characteristics and features of search query changes over different search stages using Batley’s four visual information types and the categorization schemes. Overall distribution of types per five search stages presents consistent results. The Specific and General/Namable types are most, while General/Abstract and General/Subjective types are least in all five stages. The second analysis of queries is regarding the query reformulation patterns in different search stages. Overall, the reformulation of queries mainly consists of two groups of patterns: increasing, and decreasing patterns. First, increasing pattern is that users use more Parallel Movement in content and Operator Usage in format as search stages progress. Second, the decreasing pattern can be found in Specification, Replacement with synonyms, and Use the exact query in content, and Term Variation in format.

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