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Information Source Selection and Competence of Ethnic Minority Cancer Patients on the Web: Analysis of the National Cancer Institute’s Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS) 2007

Kyunghye Kim and Nahyun Kwon

(Submission #112)


Arguably, e-Patients is one of the most critical and fast growing health information consumer groups (Eysenbach, 2003; Pew, 2006). Studies show that digital health disparity among the racial/ethnic groups. Most studies on health information seeking examined specific ethnic groups, but few have compared and contrasted health information consumers with different ethnic background. Besides, much is unknown about how competent the ethnic minority cancer Patients are in seeking and using health information to make informed decisions. Do the ePatients with different ethnic background have different use, source selection, and information competence, and if then, how? Analyzing the National Cancer Institute’s Health Information National Tredns Survey (HINTS) 2007 dataset (n=7,674), the current study will identify and compare 1) socio-demographic background ; 2) use, preference, and trust of health or medical information sources; and 3) information competence of the cancer ePatients of different ethnic minority groups, namely African Americans or Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and Whites. The data will be analyzed using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

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