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Web Analytics in Library Practice: Exploration of Issues

Anindita Paul, Sanda Erdelez

(Submission #105)


In this study the use of web analytics in libraries is examined. The study seeks to understand how analytics as a tool for libraries would be feasible to interpret users’ behavior on the library’s website. Evaluating library and information services are important for library decision makers who are constantly faced with situations where they need to make decisions regarding the quality of services offered by the libraries. Such decisions need investment and hence adequate support for any such decisions can be vital in providing insights into planning and changes to the library services. The data was collected on the University of Missouri’s (MU) library website using Google analytics and an ’interactive group interview’ of the library’s usability committee. The poster discusses the issues that analytics implementation could face in a library setting. The study would benefit libraries in understanding how can web analytics be used as an evaluation tool for libraries especially as an enhancement over the traditional evaluation tools.

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