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2009 ASIS&T Annual Meeting
Thriving on Diversity - Information Opportunities in a Pluralistic World
November 6-11, 2009
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Personal Information Intersections: What Happens When PIM Spaces Overlap?

1 1/2 Day Seminar, Saturday, Nov. 7, 2009, 9:00am - 5:00pm and Sunday, Nov. 8, 2009, 8:30-12:00noon (separate fee)

Personal information intersections: What happens when PIM spaces overlap?
Personal Information Management (PIM) has been defined as “the practice and the study of the activities a person performs in order to acquire or create, store, organize, maintain, retrieve, use and distribute the information needed to meet life’s many goals… and to fulfill life’s many roles and responsibilities.” PIM is an interdisciplinary field of study, attracting researchers from such diverse disciplines as information science, cognitive psychology, computer science, human computer interaction, and records management. While technological developments have provided powerful tools for PIM access and support, there are problems which these technologies have magnified, including the increasing volume of communication, 24/7 connectivity, and variety of format. 

The theme for our workshop is “Personal information intersections.” We have discovered through previous workshops that the messy area where different information spaces must interact pose particular challenges for PIM. The workshop theme embraces such subtopics as group information management, information spaces that serve multiple users (at home, at work, at play), information spaces that serve an individual’s multiple roles, task management, privacy and security, organizational strategies and policies, social and psychological aspects of sharing work space, and defining and negotiating boundaries. 

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers with an interest in PIM to share current research, tools, and practices and to address issues and raise questions for future inquiry. This community has met, following a similar format, three times in the past. Prior meetings have occurred in conjunction with the ACM SIGIR and ACM SIGCHI annual meetings. We hope that by holding the workshop in conjunction with ASIS&T, we may reach researchers from the information science community who offer a different perspective from the other venues, and we will have the additional opportunity to introduce some members of the PIM community to ASIS&T. 


Deborah Barreau

Jaime Teevan

Jacek Gwizdka

Members $185, non-members $215, before Sept. 25, 2009
Members $215, non-members $245, after Sept. 25, 2009