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Multiple Facets of Personalization

Jacek Gwizdka, Nicholas Belkin, Luanne Freund, Susan Gauch and Jaime Teevan

(Submission #7)


Personalization of information access can involve customization of information, its presentations and interaction style. The need for personalization of interaction in information systems such as Digital Libraries (DLs) lies in two major areas: one having to do with performance of DLs, understood primarily as the goodness of search results; the other with the user’s experience in interacting with the DL. For some time, important segments of the DL and information retrieval (IR) research communities have agreed that major improvement in the performance of DLs will now come primarily through taking increasing account of the users of DLs, and the contexts and situations in which they find themselves.

This panel directly addresses the issue of personalization of interaction with information within a DL, by considering a small number of facets of personalization that either have been shown or are predicted to affect or influence information seeking behavior. Belkin (2006) suggests that personalization of interaction with information can be characterized according to evidence associated with the following facets:

• Relevance/usefulness/interest

• Task

• Problem state

• Personal characteristics

• Personal preferences

• Context/situation.

The focus of the panel will be on combining evidence for personalization of information access. Panelists will talk about different personalization facets they have investigated, and address the issue of interaction among the facets (either theoretically or empirically). Examples of the different facet of personalization that could be addressed are user interest, intention, cognitive differences, task, and domain/task knowledge. The discussion will be led by the moderator.


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