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Image Indexing and Retrieval: Current Projects and a Comprehensive Research Agenda for the Future Sponsored by SIGVIS

Corinne Jorgensen, Joan Beaudoin, Elaine Ménard, Diane Neal and Besiki Stvilia

(Submission #57)


This panel focuses on the major research questions needing further exploration in the areas of image organization, retrieval, and use. The panel will first have short presentations on several ongoing image research projects and presenters will briefly comment on their current research, new tools and approaches to image indexing, and the broader research areas they address. The panel will then move into an interactive mode and the moderator will present a brief outline of a broad-based image research agenda for panel/audience dialogue, through which the agenda will be expanded and refined. In particular, current research in image indexing and retrieval focuses on the conference topic of “Thriving on Diversity - Information Opportunities in a Pluralistic World” as many newer tools (e.g., geotagging) and many new voices are joining in the image description process. The brief presentations relate to topics now appearing in the image indexing literature: information and knowledge behavior in diverse contexts, social networking in a linguistically and culturally rich environment, and challenges of harmony versus hegemony, as well as quality and relevance to particular audiences.


SIG SPONSORSHIP?: Visualization, Images & Sound (VIS)

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