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Standards and Best Practices in Scientific Data Management: Promoting Interoperability and Re-use (Parts 1 and 2)

Cita Furlani, Jane Greenberg, Joe Hourcle, Elizabeth Jones and Gail Hodge (moderator)

(Submission #52)


The practice of science has changed in the last three decades due to the rapid development of information and communication technologies and massive increases in computing capacity. Computers and computerized instruments, in the laboratory, in the field, across the world, and above the earth, produce and crunch large volumes of data, manipulate variables that canít easily be controlled in nature, run models and simulations that would otherwise be harmful to humans or to the environment, replicate situations that occur only at a single point in time, and produce results and analysis faster and cheaper than science conducted at the bench or in the field. eScience not only uses large datasets, it creates them. Scientists, practitioners, engineers, educators and students are now looking for and using data from a variety of sources, and information professionals supporting science are called upon to manage data to ensure accessibility, educated selection of the data, appropriate combination across disciplines, informed re-use, and preservation and archiving. This double session, organized by the ASIST Standards Committee and SIG-STI, will explore the emerging standards and best practices related to scientific data management. Topics will include an overview of the requirements, case studies in different Communities of Practice, and an assessment of relevant standards and practices from the library and data communities. The speakersí presentations will be followed by a panel discussion, which will encourage audience participation. The objective will be to identify similar approaches across the science communities represented, and to propose next steps that the ASIST Standards Committee and others might undertake.


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