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Shared Personal Space: Meeting the Needs of Multiple Users and Multiple Purposes

Deborah Barreau, Jaime Teevan, Andrea Japzon and Kristina Spurgin

(Submission #46)


This panel will focus on the challenges of sharing workspaces, whether it is in the home, in the workplace, or merely sharing archival or storage space on a server. In keeping with the conference theme, Thriving on Diversity, we will examine both the benefits and challenges of shared workspace. Among the questions to be addressed are the following:

How do our behaviors change when we move from our personal information environments into shared space?

How does shared space affect our searching behavior, organizing behavior, labeling and tagging behavior, for examples?

What about our feelings of trust, privacy, and security with respect to the shared data?

How do our values affect what we save and what we share?

What happens when individual goals, methods, or purposes come into conflict? Panelists will discuss these issues with respect to research that is either completed or on-going. Among the panelists will be doctoral candidates from Drexel and UNC-CH as well as more senior researchers, including some who will be presenting papers at the Personal Information Management Workshop to be held prior to the conference. [Since we want to pick speakers who contribute the most relevant papers to the workshop, we cannot name those speakers until those papers have been reviewed and accepted].


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