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Nationality in information behavior: Comparing Koreans and Japanese

Jae Whoan Lee, Yong-Wan Cho, Jee-hyun Rho, Eun-Joo Lee, Ichiro Ohba and Yu-ra Yoon

(Submission #4)


In this proposed panel, we will discuss "cultural factors in information behavior." Our special concern is understanding the relationship between nationality and information behavior. While many studies have been conducted to investigate the relations between ethnic/cultural factors and information behavior, it is still difficult to identify research on the meaning of nationality in information behavior. We suppose that information behavior may be considerably influenced by nationality, therefore, information systems in a nation, to be successful, should be based on common national traits. In other words, Korean information systems should reflect Korean traits in their system design, and so should Japanese information systems. Information systems in South Korea, developed with considerable amount of national funding, are not as effective as they could be; in particular, the number of users turned out to be smaller than expected, and users satisfaction was not high. We think such failures result from a failure to consider unique traits of the Korean population in the design of systems. Thus a careful consideration of the relationship between nationality and information behavior is a crucial step to develop indigenous information systems, liked and used by the citizens of a nation.


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