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Evolving Curricula in LIS-focused Bioinformatics Programs

Joan C. Bartlett, Bradley M. Hemminger, W. John MacMullen, Julia Kampov-Polevoi and Gerald Benoit (moderator)

(Submission #37)


This panel provides an update on the progress of LIS- and iSchool-based bioinformatics education, with a focus on how programs have evolved, how they are increasing enrollment and developing richer curricula, and how they are differentiating themselves from other programs in disciplines such as computer science and the biological sciences. In addition to the panelists, other faculty who teach in the biomedical informatics area will be encouraged to share their experiences during the Q&A session. This panel follows up on the seminal 2002 panel on bioinformatics education that was held at ASIST. The accompanying paper for the panel provides contextual information about the evolution of bioinformatics in general over the period since 2002, and provides specific details of the bioinformatics education programs at the panelists' institutions. The current demand for LIS-focused bioinformatics graduates is also described.


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