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Celebrating 10 Years of SIG USE: A Fish Bowl Dialogue on Information Behavior Research Past, Present & Future

Crystal Fulton

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Panel Scope:

2009 marks the 10th anniversary of SIG USE. To celebrate, three panels will explore Information Behaviour research past, present, and future. This landmark anniversary offers an opportunity to review the development of SIGUSE, specifically to examine the research issues which have shaped SIG USE in ASIS&T and the area of Information Behaviour in Information Science in general. Researchers who have influenced our research agenda over the years will feature among panelists, as well as doctoral candidates, recent graduates, and newcomers to SIG USE who represent the future of scholarship in our area. Each panel will be moderated by past chairs of SIG USE; the roster of speakers (subject to change, pending people’s availability thought most have already agreed) is intended to represent areas from each era of SIG USE’s history and to engage the audience in thoughtful dialogue about the nature, impact, and future scholarship and professional practice in this core area of information science. (SIG USE’s aim is for the panels to be synergistic with other SIG USE activities planned for AM09, including its annual research symposium a special dinner honoring researchers who have made outstanding contributions to the field, and an ASIST membership drive.)

Crystal Fulton (SIG USE Chair),
University College Dublin, Ireland. Email:

Interactive Overviews:
a) Early Information Behavior Research 
Speakers: Donald Case (University of Kentucky) & Barbara Wildemuth (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Reflecting on the development of information behavior research, speakers will provide an overview and critical perspective of the early years of information behavior research. Time: 15 minutes. 

b) Information Behavior Research, SIG USE 1999-2009
Speakers: Karen Fisher (University of Washington) and Heidi Julien (University of Alberta)
Speakers will focus on recent and ongoing development of Information Behavior research, beginning with the chartering of SIG USE at the ASIS Midyear Meeting in late spring 1999. Time: 15 minutes.

Forecasting the Next 10 years for Information Behavior Research:
What will the next 10 years of Information Behavior research bring? Are we at a turning point in studying Information Behavior? This part of the session explores future directions, featuring new doctoral work, ongoing major research studies, and new opportunities for topics, partnerships, and funding. 

Using the Fish Bowl technique, all attendees are encouraged to participate as discussants. 5 chairs will be arranged at the centre of the room, 4 of which will be occupied by initial discussants; the remaining chairs will be drawn around and occupied by the audience. The moderator will open the topic, the initial discussants will comment on the future of IB research; audience members can then join the conversation by taking the empty chair, hence prompting a discussant to leave such that 4 chairs are ever occupied. The moderator will summarize the overall themes. Time: 60 minutes.

Initial Discussants:
Marcia Bates (University of California at Los Angeles) 
Gary Burnett (Florida State University)
Sanda Erdelez (University of Missouri)
Eric Meyers (University of British Columbia)

Eileen Abels (Drexel University)
Theresa Anderson (University of Technology, Sydney)
Nick Belkin, (Rutgers University)
Dania Bilal (University of Tennessee)
Katriina Byström (Göteborg University and Högskolan i Borås)
Chun Wei Choo (University of Toronto)
Raya Fidel (University of Washington) 
Christina Finneran (Syracuse University)
Yong-Mi Kim (University of Michigan)
Louise Limberg (University College of Borås and Göteborg University)
Michael Olssen (University of Technology, Sydney) 
Kevin Rioux (St. John's University, New York)
Paul Solomon (University of South Carolina)
Diane Sonnenwald (University of Gothenburg & University of Borås)
Maria Souden (University of Michigan)


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