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A Glimpse of the Cutting Edge in Information Applications

Moderator: Luanne Freund

(Submission #102)


This demo session will feature seven innovative research prototypes or Beta applications under development in a range of areas. At the start of the session, presenters will briefly introduce their systems, and for the remainder of the session the audience will be able to view the demos and speak to the presenters individually. 
The following demos will be included in the session:

Christoph Ringlstetter, Levin Brunner, Eduardo Torres Schuhmann & Klaus U. Schulz Knowledge Based News Browsing

Elaine Toms, Tayze Mackenzie, Chris Jordan & Sam Hall

Jacek Gwizdka & Philip Bakelaar
Tag Trails Interface

Michael Cole, Ralf Bierig & Jacek Gwizdka
A System to Model User Interaction Sequences

Ralf Bierig, Michael Cole, Jacek Gwizdka & Nicholas Belkin
PooDLE User Interaction Data Integration and Modelling System

William Jones, Dawei Hou, Bhuricha Deen Sethanandha & Eric Sheng Bi 
Planz: Writing New Stories for the Same Old File System

Xiaojun Yuan
A system supporting multiple information-seeking strategies



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