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Eyes on the Future: Trends in Information Technology

Jeannette Kopak, Nick Finck, Sandra Hirsh, and Brian Fling

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Speaker Bios

Jeannette KopakJeannette Kopak bio:: Internet and New Media Technology Trends
Jeannette Kopak holds the position of Director of Business Development and Operations at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver. In that capacity she managed the renovation of a 40-year-old tractor factory, transforming it into a digital media graduate facility, and the home of the Masters of Digital Media program. Jeannette is responsible for ensuring the Centre continues to adapt to the needs of the students and the digital community. Jeannette is a digital media veteran with 16 years of experience at the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, in roles that ranged from designing and implementing the CBC Vancouver TV newsroom editorial system to facilitating the re-use of broadcast content for the early websites such as the Atlanta Olympics and the 1997 Federal Election. The highlight of her CBC career was leading a multi-million dollar, multi-year project to catalogue, restore, digitize and preserve the CBC radio and television archives across Canada.

Nick FinckNick Finck bio:: Information Architecture Trends
Nick Finck is a user experience professional who has dabbled in the web for over a decade. He specializes in information architecture, interaction design, usability and user research.

Nick has created web experiences for Fortune 50 and 500 companies including Adobe, Boeing, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, Cisco, CitiGroup, FDIC, Harpo, HP, IBM, Microsoft, PBS, Peetís Coffee, University of Denver, and others. He lives and plays in Seattle, Washington, where heís the founder of Blue Flavor, a web design company that focuses on creating web experiences. Nick has authored many web design-related articles for various publications. Heís the founder of the long-time and very popular Digital Web Magazine publication. Check out the magazineís archives to see the caliber of authors and articles it presented to web designers from all over the world. He is a judge for an organization that presents one of the most prestigious web awards in the industry. He has built a reputation as a community volunteer, promoting growth within the web industry both locally and abroad. You can find Nick giving lectures for leading organizations, events and universities. 

Sandra HirshSandra Hirsh bio:: Social Media Trends
Sandra Hirsh is Senior User Experience Manager working on at Microsoft's Silicon Valley Campus in California. She currently leads a global team of user experience researchers to inform and impact all aspects of MSN.comís user experience worldwide. Until recently, she lead a user experience team focused on MSN's social and community experiences -- specifically how to enrich user experiences with portal content through social and community activities, such as sharing content with people on Facebook, discussing content (articles, photos, videos), rating content, etc. In her tenure at Microsoft, she has worked to improve the user experience of a diverse set of consumer products on the TV (MSNTV), Mobile devices (Windows Live Mobile), and the PC (Hotmail, Windows Live Mobile, Windows Live Toolbar). She holds several UX patents based on the user experience work she has done at Microsoft. Before working at Microsoft, she directed HP Labs' Information Research Program, conducting "research about research" through investigations of how R&D researchers use information and integrate it into their work. She has also been a professor on the faculty at the University of Arizona's School of Information Resources & Library Science, and has taught courses at the University of Washington and San Jose State University. She has performed research on diverse populations, ranging from elementary school children, to scientists and engineers, to her current focus on internet consumers. Hirsh holds a Ph.D. from UCLA and a M.I.L.S. from the University of Michigan.

Brian FlingBrian Fling bio:: Mobile Technology Trends
Brian Fling is an authority in the field of mobile user experience and designing for multiple contexts. He has worked with hundreds of businesses from early stage start-ups to Fortune 50 companies to leverage a variety of mediums, like mobile devices, to design for the needs and context of real people. 

Author of O'Reilly Media's _Mobile Design and Development: Practical concepts and techniques for creating mobile sites and web apps_ (, Brian goes in depth into the design principles involved in creating compelling mobile experiences for this new era of multiple devices and context. As well as explore the rapidly growing area of how to easily design and build a mobile site and web app, how to deal with devices practically and how to translate an experience to a variety of mobile devices. Brian is a frequent author and speaker on the issues on mobile design, the mobile web and mobile user experience, teaching people how to leverage mobile all over the world. Brian is also the founder and president of pinch/zoom (, a design and development agency specializing on mobile experiences helping clients like Best Buy, Lonely Planet and others dive into the world of mobile.

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