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Welcome to the fifth electronic edition of the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology. Although generally organized in the same manner and sequence as earlier print publications, this edition contains some navigation features not possible in print. For example, page numbers are meaningless; consequently, navigation is via hyperlinks available at the bottom of each screen and from titles in the Tables of Contents and Index entries. Use the browser Back function to reverse course.

Returning this year is an integrated schedule and table of contents, clicking on any session title will open the paper or session description.

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ASIS&T Governance, Conference Committee, and contribution reviewers
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Many lessons were learned with the Proceedings in 2008. In particular, was the need for efficiencies converting submissions to standardized html or xml. As anyone who has worked on the proceedings knows, submissions come in many syles and formats and must be reduced to a common denominator for a consistent appearance, not to mention responsiveness to multiple search technologies and citation of published works. New for 2009 was a Web-based authoring platform, developed by Access Innovations, and incorporating their Data Harmony automated indexing engine, M.A.I. Access Innovations project team members include Lamine Idjeraoui and Mary Garcia.

As with any new application, let alone one which incorporates new processes, problems occurred. Speaking for himself and everyone involved, the editor extends a sincere appreciation to all authors for their patience and understanding. In addition, anyone who wishes to contribute ideas or other involvement for next year's Proceedings may contact the editor.

The editor has made every effort to ensure no vital information, including images, tables, and equations, have been omitted, misplaced, or grossly misrepresented. However, in the event such has happened, the editor also takes full responsibility and would appreciate notice of such. Post-publication corrections will be posted to the copy of the Proceedings available online at

Some statistics:

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Number of published papers, panels, poster descriptions:
  • 42 papers
  • 45 panels
  • 56 posters
  • 143 total
  • 63 papers
  • 40 panels
  • 85 posters
  • 188 total
  • 53 papers
  • 41 panels
  • 60 posters
  • 154 total
  • 51 papers
  • 36 panels
  • 91 posters
  • 178 total
  • 48 papers
  • 46 panels
  • 107 posters
  • 201 total
Number of images: 38 240 (x2: "small" and "large") 240 (x2: "small" and "large") ≈225 ≈297
Number of tables: 158 (as images) 250 ≈96 ≈103 ≈103
Number of equations, including logic, mathematical, set theory symbols, etc.: 32 41 (x2: "small" and "large") 47 (x2: "small" and "large") ≥27 Unknown