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“It challenges members to think of their work through another kind of specialist's eyes”: Exploration of the Benefits and Challenges of Diversity in Digital Project Teams

Lynne Siemens, Wendy Duff, Claire Warwick and Richard Cunningham

(Submission #23)


Digital project teams are by definition comprised of people with various skills, disciplines and content knowledge. Collaboration within these teams is undertaken by librarians, academics, undergraduate and graduate students, research assistants, computer programmers and developers, content experts, and other individuals. While this diversity of people, skills and perspectives creates benefits for the teams, at the same time, it creates a series of challenges which must be minimized to ensure project success. Drawing upon interview and survey data, this paper explores both the benefits, advantages, and challenges of these kinds of project teams. It will conclude with a series of recommendations focused on harnessing the advantages while minimizing the challenges.

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