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2009 ASIS&T Annual Meeting
Thriving on Diversity - Information Opportunities in a Pluralistic World
November 6-11, 2009
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Hyatt Regency Vancouver
655 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 2R7
Tel: +1 604 683 1234

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Pre-Conference Seminars: Friday-Saturday
Conference Starts: Sunday 1pm
Keynote Speakers: Sunday 1pm & Wednesday 10:30am

1st Meeting/New Member Brunch: Sunday
Welcome Reception: Sunday
Alumni Reception: Monday
International Reception: Monday
Awards Luncheon: Tuesday
President's Reception: Wednesday

2009 Annual Meeting - Proceedings

Thriving on Diversity:  Information Opportunities in a Pluralistic World

November 6-11, 2009
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  
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Greetings from the Conference Chair

Welcome to Canada and to the beautiful city of Vancouver! This is only the second time in its long history that the ASIS&T Annual Meeting has been held outside the US, and all delegates, from wherever in the world, are invited to enjoy the many attractions offered by the Meeting and the city alike.

We all share a world rich in cultural diversity but also one in which countries, organizations and individuals have never before been so closely linked politically, economically and socially. The theme of the 2009 Meeting, “Thriving on Diversity – Information Opportunities in a Pluralistic World”, recognizes this reality by offering participants the opportunity to explore how information research and practice can promote global communication while maintaining that diversity. 

This year’s call elicited 84 contributed papers, of which 45 (54%) were accepted after reviewing. In addition, 44 reviewed panel sessions and 105 posters will be presented over the Meeting’s four days. In addition, two new features will be hosted in Vancouver which may become regular events in the future. An Industry Session on Monday morning comprises two parts: the first, “Eyes on the Future: Trends in Information Technology”, presents a panel of leaders from industry, and the second, “A Glimpse of the Cutting Edge in Information Applications”, will focus on product demonstrations. Then on Wednesday morning an innovative Pecha-Kucha session will be held in which six well-known figures from academe and industry will each be given exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds to present their ideas on the theme “Diversity in Digital Environments – Opportunity or Chaos?” The session will be interactive with opportunities for members of the audience to discuss and challenge these ideas in a lively environment.

This year’s speaker at the opening Plenary Session on Sunday afternoon is Tim Bray, a Canadian born in Alberta who grew up in Lebanon and works in the US – a model himself of diversity! Tim has held prestigious positions in a number of IT companies, and currently is Director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems. His presentation will certainly be a highlight of the Meeting.

As regular ASIS&T attendees have come to expect, all is not work: a number of social events will be held throughout the Meeting, including the opening Welcome Reception, the Awards Luncheon, the Alumni and the International Receptions, and to bring the Meeting to a close on Wednesday evening, the President’s Reception. Added to this list must be included the SIG CON on Tuesday evening, when information scientists reveal that they can poke a little fun at themselves.

A Meeting such as this does not happen by itself, but draws upon the time, efforts and skills of a wide range of people. I owe a debt of gratitude to the 12 members of the Organizing Committee who worked so hard to ensure that the Program as outlined above has become a reality. The many reviewers who placed their expertise at the Committee’s disposal in order within tight deadlines to vet the various submissions accomplished a marvelous job. The online Proceedings are again the result of Andrew Grove’s painstaking efforts, and all of us are grateful for his continued dedication. Finally, the recipient of so many emails from myself, the ASIS&T Executive Director, along with his staff, have guided me through the labyrinth of organizing an Annual Meeting: to Dick Hill and his colleagues, many thanks!

Andrew Large
AM09 Conference Chair

The 2009 Annual Meeting Planning Committee has been working hard to put together an exciting program for all.  Mark your calendar and plan your trip; we look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!

We'd like to give special thanks to the 2009 Annual Meeting Conference Committee:

Andrew Large, Conference Chair, McGill University
France Bouthillier, McGill University, Contributed papers Co-Chair
Corinne Jorgensen, Florida State University, Contributed papers Co-Chair
KT Vaughan, University of North Carolina, Panels and Technical Session Co-Chair
Pascal Calarco, University of Notre Dame, Panels and Technical Session Co-Chair
Heidi Julien, University of Alberta, Posters Co-Chair
Valerie Nesset, State University of New York at Buffalo, Posters Co-Chair
Karen Fisher, University of Washington
Grant Campbell, University of Western Ontario
June Abbas, University of Oklahoma
Luanne Freund, University of British Columbia
Sandra Hirsh, Microsoft Corporation
Tao Jin, Louisiana State University