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2008 Annual Meeting Proceedings

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Career Services

ASIS&T Job Placement Service in Columbus

Submitted job positions and resumes appear below.  To submit a job or resume, click here.



1.  Positions Spreadsheet (expanded detail of all positions) 1.  Candidates Spreadsheet (expanded detail of  all candidates)
2.  Online Settlement Analysis/Opinion Mining (University of Wolverhampton) 2.  Tenure-Track Faculty (Teaching)
3.  Faculty Position (Assistant Professor) (Indiana University) 3.  Tenure-Track Faculty (Teaching)
4.  Director, Master of Information Management Program Assistant/Associate Professor, SIS, Faculty of Management (Dalhousie University) 4.  Tenure-Track Faculty (Teaching)
5.  Assistant Professor (University of South Florida) 5.  Tenure-Track Faculty (Teaching)
6.  Dean of UK College of Communication and Information Studies (University of Kentucky) 6.  Tenure-Track Faculty (Teaching)
7.  Faculty Positions (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) 7.  Tenure-Track Faculty Position
8.  Assistant/Associate/Full Professor (University of Michigan) 8.  Faculty Position
9.  Tenure-Track Assistant/Associate Professor of LIS (Valdosta State University) 9.  Tenure-Track Faculty Position
10. Tenure-Track Goodyear Professor in IA & KM (Kent State University) 10. Faculty
11. SLIS Tenure Track Faculty Positions (University of South Carolina) 11. Faculty Positions
12. Assistant Professor (University of Tennessee) 12. Library Technology and Information Literacy Instruction
13. Assistant Professor (University of North Texas) 13. Tenure-Track Faculty Position
14. Assistant Professor (University of Western Ontario) 14. Systems Analyst
15. Assistant Professor (University of Oklahoma) 15. Tenure-Track Faculty Position
16. Assistant Professor (Simmons College) 16. Tenure-Track Faculty Position
17. Assistant Professor (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) 17. Librarian
18. Production Engineer (Santa Clara, CA) 18. Tenure Track Faculty Position
19. Data Systems Performance Architect (Yahoo!) 19. Tenure Track Faculty Position
20. Associate Director (University of North Texas) 20. Network Administration
  21. Librarian/Knowledge Management Position
  22. Tenure Track Faculty Position
  23. Tenure Track Faculty Position
  24. Tenure Track Faculty Position
  25. Tenure Track Faculty Position


We will also be arranging a limited number of rooms for interviews at the meeting as space allows.
To schedule an interview room, please go to the Placement Center (Fayette room at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus)