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Gene's Worlds: Comparing Eugene Garfield's co-Citation and tri-Citation Image PFNets over time

Katherine McCain

ASIS&T 2008 Annual Meeting (AM08 2008)
Columbus, Ohio, October 24-29, 2008


There is no formal paper attached to this summary -- this is a prospectus for a poster describing research "work in progress" and "innovative methods in bibliometrics." If the poster is accepted, I’ll have more definite results and glorious prose for the final version.

My current research involves an exploration of White's (2000) concepts of an author's Citation Image Makers (authors citing a selected author) and the Citation Image (authors with whom he or she is co-cited). The exploration includes the analysis of time slices (sequential decades) of an author's scholarly career and the use of TRI-citation (co-citation with the focal author as context for data gathering). Time slices allow a finer-grained portrayal of an author's subject position over time vis a vis the other Image authors. TRI-citation, by gathering author co-citation counts only from papers that also cite the third author, provides a contextual view of the focal author's contributions and relationships that is lost in standard ACA mapping of Citation Images.

The author of interest is Eugene Garfield (following White, 2000)--and the time periods 1978-87 and 1998-2007. Very preliminary results show that, while Garfield's co-Citation Image PFNets are similar to the left hand side of White's 2003 re-mapping of information scientists, the TRI-citation PFNets are more interesting--with Price, Small, Narin, and JR Cole positioned as "hub authors" in the earlier decade and Smalll, Cronin, and Moed in the later. The networks illustrate the changing landscape of information science/scientometrics between the 1980s and the present decade and shifts in interest in Garfield’s work.

White, HD (2000) Toward ego-centered citation analysis. In "Cronin, B & HB Atkins, eds. The Web of Knowledge. Medford, NJ: Information Today, Inc. 475-496.

White, HD (2003). Pathfinder networks and author cocitation analysis: A remapping of paradigmatic information scientists. JASIST 54:423-434.

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