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Babies in Bathtubs: Public Views of Private Behaviors Represented in the Flickr Domain

Jacob Kramer-Duffield and Carolyn Hank

ASIS&T 2008 Annual Meeting (AM08 2008)
Columbus, Ohio, October 24-29, 2008


The populist emergence of the read/write Web has enabled everyone and anyone to be a publisher. Flickr, an online photo sharing service, is one example of this emergence of user-generated content and the potential, depending on user preferences, for universal access and subsequent loss of transparency between private and public lives. Via Flickr, the personal archive is made available online, with the effect that the family photo album, once confined to living rooms, is brought into the equivalent of the town square. A segment of recent literature on privacy and the use of social technologies by youth, both in academic and popular discourse, has been from the admonitory perspective of parents and concerned others. It has focused on the potential negative outcomes from online, public disclosure of private information, including personal identifiers and potentially embarrassing photos, and the presumed lack of youths' awareness of the persistence and discoverability of these elements. But other recent revelations in research and the press have shown that many adults are perhaps not as aware of these professed privacy concerns themselves and, in fact, frequently post and disclose photos and information that may result in unintended public disclosure. This study is an image-centric analysis within the Flickr domain. A string of search terms was compiled for image retrieval across both the full-text fields and tags. A qualifying set of characteristics will be used to evaluate recall and precision. Images in compliance with this attribute checklist will be considered for data analysis.

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