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Mining Maps of Information Objects: An Exploratory Ontological Excursion

Sergey Zherebcevsky, Michiko Tanaka, David Jank, Richard Smiraglia and Stephen Stead

ASIS&T 2008 Annual Meeting (AM08 2008)
Columbus, Ohio, October 24-29, 2008


The societal archive (virtual though it might be) is made up of information objects of all kinds. We wish to suggest an approach to the mapping of information objects that will reveal undiscovered semantic relationships. In this presentation we will use the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (hereafter CIDOC CRM) to map select sets of information objects. The CIDOC CRM is an ontology designed for the representation of artifacts and the integration of cultural information. We hope to demonstrate the compatibility of multi-disciplinary (and therefore multi-epistemological) mappings of the components of information. That is to say, we will map the objects themselves, we will map them as artifacts resident in a repository, and we will map instantiations of their representations. The immediate objective of our project is to map a large set of instantiated information objects using the CRM, then to use data-mining techniques to discover as yet unknown patterns among the combinations of entities, properties, and relationships. Similar patterns will be grouped using the tools of na´ve classification. Our poster will demonstrate the mapping of selected objects, and the nascent classification of properties. There is evidence that societal forces lead to the evolution of large sets of information objects, and that these sets display cultural imprints in their accumulated properties, attributes, and relationships. One way to enlarge the societal archive is to mine it for heretofore unrealized meaning. Our purpose is to discover epistemologically diverse groupings of characteristics of information objects. One might even hope that such a classification would reveal as yet unknown relationships among information objects that might help to create better pathways in the semantic web.

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