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Mapping Collaborative Information Processes to Stages of Group Development

Sandra Toze and Elaine Toms

ASIS&T 2008 Annual Meeting (AM08 2008)
Columbus, Ohio, October 24-29, 2008


Work in organizations is predominately carried out by small groups of individuals in technologically enhanced environments whose key fuel for their activities is information. Information is an input, it is shared (or not), and is integrated and massaged into a key output for use at group, individual and organizational levels (Hertzum, 2007; Hinsz, Tindale, & Vollrath, 1997; Nunamaker, Romano, & Briggs, 2001). While much of our understanding of information emanates from individuals or individuals within a community, we still have little understanding of how information is sought, retrieved, shared, integrated and melded over the course of time as a group works toward its goals (Fidel et al, 2004; Hinsz, Tindale & Vollrath, 1997; Hyldegard, 2006; Foster, 2006; Talja & Hansen, 2006). This research is the initial stage of a research project focuses on how groups use information with a view to building a model of group information behavior, and identifying the types of tools needed to support information use within groups. The research challenge is in understanding how information flows throughout the groupwork process; how information is shared and integrated at various stages of groupwork, and how information changes over the course of work (Fidel et al, 2004; Hinsz, Tindale & Vollrath; 1997, Hyldegard, 2006; Fidel et al, 2004; Poltrock et al, 2003). In the research reported here we follow one group over multiple sessions as they respond to a large problem to understand how information is processed by the group.

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