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Denise Agosto, Kenneth Fleischmann, William Wallace, Andrea Japzon and Michael Khoo

ASIS&T 2008 Annual Meeting (AM08 2008)
Columbus, Ohio, October 24-29, 2008


This panel will draw on interdisciplinary research relating to information and values, from value sensitive design concepts in human-computer interaction (HCI), to the role of values in human information behaviors, to the value of information privacy in digital library design.

The panel will present one representative study from three different areas of investigation in order to provide a basis for examining the role of values in interdisciplinary information research. It will address questions such as:

1. How are human values embedded in information systems? How should they be used to inform information systems design?

2. How do organizational values vary among different types of organizations?

3. What types of values do users place on different information formats? Do users tend to place higher or lower values on paper-based or digital information objects?

4. What role do community values play in information privacy? How can information policy be used to protect privacy values?

The panel will include three presentations: "The Ethical Implications of Values in Computational Modeling," by Kenneth R. Fleischmann and William A. Wallace; "Personal Values and Digital Artifacts in Personal Information Management," by Andrea Japzon, and "Privacy Values and Digital Libraries: A Sociotechnical Analysis," by Michael Khoo.

Together these analyses span a wide range of information science and technology topics, tied together by the concept of values. The panel will analyze how values have been studied in these areas and offer suggestions for a research agenda related to values and information. The session will conclude with a discussion encouraging audience members to explain how values influence their own individual areas of research and investigation.

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