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Pioneering Women of the Information Age

Michael Buckland, Maria Rosario Osuna Alarcon, Robert V. Williams, Joan Lussky, Malissa Ruffner, Emily Glenn, Linda C. Smith and Carol Tenopir

ASIS&T 2008 Annual Meeting (AM08 2008)
Columbus, Ohio, October 24-29, 2008


Moderators and reactors: Diane Barlow and Trudi Bellardo Hahn

This session will feature six speakers, each of whom is among the contributors to two special issues of Libraries & the Cultural Record on women pioneers in the information sciences. This session will be the third in a series presented by the Special Interest Group on History and Foundations of Information Science (HFIS). It will spotlight the lives and contributions of remarkable women pioneers in information science. The individual presentations will be about women whose fields of specialty and accomplishments fall in a wide variety of areas-practice, research, education for the profession, or information policy. Each paper will address the pioneer's leadership, innovation, and advocacy, as well as the historical context and social and professional milieu in which she worked and made her contributions. Each presentation will be about 15 minutes long, and enhanced with slides to show photographs or other relevant historical materials.

Barlow and Hahn will introduce the speakers and provide connections and summary of major themes related to feminist perspectives in information science.

The presentations:

Michael Buckland. Suzanne Briet, pioneer in documentation and reference service in France

Joan Lussky. Henrietta Avram, networking pioneer at the Library of Congress and developer of MARC

Malissa Ruffner and Emily Glenn. Winifred Sewell, pioneering medical librarian and educator in medical informatics

Linda C. Smith and Carol Tenopir. Martha E. Williams, pioneer researcher, editor, educator, entrepreneur, and professional leader

Maria Rosario Osuna Alarcón. Maria Moliner, pioneering librarian and lexicographer in the Second Republic in Spain. (If Professor Osuna cannot attend the conference, Kathryn La Barre will substitute with a presentation on Pauline Cochrane)

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