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25 Years of SIG-III and the Future of International Information

Toni Carbo, Bharat Mehra, Yunfei Du and Aaron Bowen

ASIS&T 2008 Annual Meeting (AM08 2008)
Columbus, Ohio, October 24-29, 2008


The 2008 ASIS&T Annual Meeting marks the 25th anniversary of the Special Interest Group for International Information Issues. During this time the global impact of information has grown exponentially, both in terms of available information sources and how people use these sources.

The members of SIG-III propose a panel looking at the past 25 years of international information issues and SIG-III’s role in bringing these issues to ASIS&T as a whole for consideration and debate. We have asked Toni Carbo, one of the co-founders of SIG-III, to keynote this retrospection.

A look at the past 25 years of international information offers a lens with which to view potential trends and developments during the next 25 years. As information systems around the world continue to globalize and converge, multiple information issues will be increasingly evaluated in an international arena. These issues include Internet and information access, digital divides and knowledge gaps between regions, and privacy, security, trust, and censorship in the digital world.

We have asked Toni Carbo, Bharat Mehra, SIG-III Chair Yunfei Du, and SIG-III Chair-elect Aaron Bowen to present a “state of the union” on these aspects of international information and to evaluate what trends and developments may occur in international information during the next 25 years. Toni will examine privacy, security, and trust. Bharat will examine access and development. Yunfei will examine digital divides and knowledge gaps. Aaron will examine censorship. All presenters will consider the costs and benefits each topic has accrued for different countries, further challenges countries face with respect to each topic, and potential answers countries may apply to these challenges.

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