Columbus, Ohio

User Studies with MORAE - Information Experience Laboratory University of Missouri - 2 Part Course

2 Half Day Seminars, Friday, Oct. 24, 2008, 8:30am-12:30pm and 1:00-6:00pm (separate fees)

Researchers in information behavior, human-computer interaction and information retrieval often face difficulties in efficiently synchronizing, organizing, and analyzing rich data from userís interactions with information systems. Morae, by TechSmith, is all-digital, user-experience testing software that was designed to replace complicated hardware setup making up a traditional usability laboratory. 

With Morae a researcher can record several types of data streams from userís interactions with a system, such as userís voice, facial expressions, and detailed application and computer system data. Morae indexes the data recorded and makes it searchable so that the researcher can easily calculate various quantitative metrics: page changes, time-on-task, number of clicks, etc. In qualitative studies, a researcher can quickly find a specific point in a session recording, a task that is typically very time-intensive when working with analog recordings. Furthermore, because it is a software-based solution, Morae can be used to conduct research in various settings -- in a laboratory, an office, conference room, or any other natural user setting. 

We believe that many users studies researchers would benefit from learning about Moraeís capabilities and its application in various types of research design. While basic functional aspects of Morae can be gained from technical manuals, our workshop will be designed to introduce the basic features of Morae and then jump start the audience into research applications that are not readily presented in the technical literature.

Workshop audience:
Library and information science researchers, both novice and experienced, with interest in information behavior, information retrieval, human-computer interaction and other related areas that involve users and information systems.

Workshop organization & topics:
The workshop organizers will set up a mobile usability laboratory consisting of 4 networked notebook computers equipped with Morae. This set up has been already used by the organizers in prior training programs and has proven to be flexible and scalable for different types of presentation styles (lectures, demonstrations & hands on activities).

Part I (morning session): Introduction to Morae (8:30am - 12:30pm)
1. Technical specifications and system requirements
2. Conceptual description of three Morae components: Recorder, Manager & Viewer
3. Preparation of Morae settings for data recording
4. Remote viewing of real-time data collection with Morae
5. Marking recordings for data analysis
6. Creation of highlight videos of user recordings
7. Review of Morae application in LIS user studies 
Topics 3-6 will include live demonstration and hands-on exercises.

Part II (afternoon session): Research applications of Morae (1:00pm-6:000pm)
8. Review of Morae functionalities
9. Task analysis with Morae
10. In-depth interviewing with think aloud protocol using Morae
11. Focus group data collection with Morae
12. Review of advanced research designs with Morae (remote data collection, distributed real time data coding, etc.).
Topics 2-4 will include live demonstrations and break up sessions for discussion. 


Dr. Sanda Erdelez is Associate Professor at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies (SISLT), University of Missouri. In 2001 she helped establish the Information Experience Laboratory (IE Lab) at MU and is currently serving as its director. She is also a former chair of ASIST SIG USE and co-organizer of 2 SIG USE research symposia. Sanda teaches a doctoral seminar in human information behavior and has given numerous workshops and lectures in usability evaluation methods, in the US and internationally.

Borchuluun Yadamsuren, Anindita Paul, Jiazhen Wang, Xin Wang are usability evaluation specialists in the IE Lab and doctoral students at SISLT. These members of the IE Lab team have several years of experience in using Morae in 20+ client and research projects. They have also extensive experience in conducting Morae training sessions, both in house and internationally (Croatia, Thailand, and Taiwan).

Fees for Each Half Day Course

Members $175, non-members $200, before Sept. 12, 2008
Members $200, non-members $225, after Sept. 12, 2008

Fees for Full Day Course (both courses)
Members $255, non-members $285, before Sept. 12, 2008
Members $285, non-members $315, after Sept. 12, 2008