Columbus, Ohio

SIG CON:  Third Rock from the Sun, 25,000 Light Years from the Galactic Center

SIG/CON is an award-winning Special Interest Group of the Association for Information Science & Technology. The function of SIG/CON is to "explore the fundamental notions of information science, and expose them for what they are" (C.D. Batty, Remarks at SIG/CON, 1987). 

SIG/CON has been in the forefront of research across all areas of study, although the group is perhaps best known for advancing the theories of baloonean logic and titular colonicity. The roster of distinguished information scientists who have made public (with startling and refreshing lucidity) their research findings at SIG/CON represent the diversity of national and international institutions associated with this field. 

Further information on this important Special Interest Group can be found at: 

Speaker Proposals
Proposals should reflect current research, or prospective research. Originality is important, but creative presentation styles are much more important. The proposal should be three pages in length, single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, with 0.75 inch margins, no footers or headers, and headings of 14 point, Arial Black. You may use blank pages in order to reach the three page required length. Two pages is unacceptable, as are four or five pages, the number is three. 

The proposal should address one of these Panel Session Themes: 

If you don't like any of the themes listed above, please feel free to suggest one of your own. 

Proposal Due Date: Friday, 12th September 2008 

Notification of acceptance will occur at the whim of the session Chair, hopefully within a week, but you never know.
Feel free to bug him if you don't hear back in a reasonable amount of time. Potential speakers who annoy the Chair increase their chance of acceptance. 

Please email your proposal to: 
Michael Leach or